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Daddy, why can I not go with you?


By Mike Bailey


The Bailey Family

The Bailey children learned early on that their father would make time for them as they grew up.

You may remember the name Art Linkletter. He had a TV show called Kids Say the Darndest Things.  As a parent, you have many memories of the times your child said something noteworthy. Time is precious and best spent together; it can be snagged just about anywhere.

I am father of three fantastic daughters: Katie 21, McKenzie 18 and Caroline 12. These girls bring many blessings to their mom (Kim) and me, now married for 23 years. Read more →

Get out, and get moving!

Check out these great opportunities around Knoxville

By Kathleen Gibi, Public Affairs Specialist, City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation

Summer Playground Program

The City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation Division hosts its Summer Playground Program, open to Knoxville residents, at each of its 14 recreation centers located in all sections of Knoxville. This program provides a wide variety of recreational activities, including swimming, canoeing and field trips to the Knoxville Arts and Fine Crafts Center. Participants are provided lunch each day at certain locations. For more information, call (865) 215-1414. Read more →