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Flossing and running

 What they have in common

by Robin Miller, RDH


Robin Miller (far right) climbing the last hill before the finish line of the 2011 Fall 5K (Reindeer Run).Can you floss and run at the same time?  That was an interesting question my boss jokingly inquired as I was leaving the office.  I was on my way to coach an adult runners’ group in Maryville.  The visual of it actually happening had us laughing.  Read more →

Let’s start a movement

by Piotr Ulmer, MSPT

We all understand the need, maybe even the necessity, of moving. Many of us are participating in some form of exercise, either jogging, biking, swimming, stretching, weight lifting or martial arts. We understand the shortage of PE in our kids’ school curriculum and with joyful proclamation that “sports are good for them” we sign them up for soccer, volleyball or Tae Kwon Do. Read more →

Teach water safety…

…no matter the body of water

by Dr. Ryan L. Redman, MD

It’s summertime, and children everywhere can’t wait for that first dip in the pool or for that first chance to hit the lake. Water sports are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise! But how do you keep your child safe while enjoying the water?
Each year, drowning, near-drownings and water sports injuries send thousands of children to hospital emergency rooms, including East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.  Diving accidents make up a huge portion of these injuries, while fatigue, lack of proper swim instructions and water vehicle accidents also are factors. Read more →