Let’s start a movement

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by Piotr Ulmer, MSPT

We all understand the need, maybe even the necessity, of moving. Many of us are participating in some form of exercise, either jogging, biking, swimming, stretching, weight lifting or martial arts. We understand the shortage of PE in our kids’ school curriculum and with joyful proclamation that “sports are good for them” we sign them up for soccer, volleyball or Tae Kwon Do. There is no question that now in the day of ever-perfecting graphics and special effects, allowing our kids idle time inside our comfortable homes makes them gravitate towards computer games and TV. Bright, young minds find “beating the next level” challenging, fulfilling, satisfying. Movies for kids are made in a way that action is fast and ever-surprising, the speed of events occurring at a mind-boggling pace. We parents gravitate towards letting them do it because when they “play” or “watch” they don’t nag, complain, fight or get in trouble in any other way. Or do they? Do we really know what is going on behind the scenes of our children’s’ minds? Do we pay attention to signs and symptoms of the whole process? Do we notice how it affects them now and will in the future? We parents watch movies with our kids; game and movie ratings seem to matter less and less. Are we still adhering to the PG-13 rating being “parental guidance for kids 13 years and younger?” Do we grown-ups consider that 7 or 8 year olds don’t have the “gear” to decipher social language, so called “mild violence” or even sexual content? Are we really grown-up? Do we know how to suck it up and not watch the movie because our kids shouldn’t be watching it?

The reality is that there is a new day starting every day. We get new chances and a new “chunk” of Grace to deal with this particular day. In the Jewish lunar calendar of the Old Testament, every day started on the evening before when the moon appears in the sky. Thinking about that, if we plan our day on the evening before, we are able to start it early with confidence. We don’t hesitate or lose time thinking what’s next! This gives us a chance to make the most of our God-given opportunities.

One of my friends told me that the only things that go away when we ignore them are teeth and girlfriends.


So why don’t we start tonight and turn off our TVs and computers and focus on our most precious gifts? Let’s not ignore them even partly. Let us move on to continue growing up while analyzing what we should and perhaps should not be doing.

Moving is a healthy characteristic of our world. All systems and cells of the human body need to be draining, flowing and processing. Stagnation and lack of flow in biology means disease and may lead to death. It is the same philosophy that permeates the life of a single cell, liver tissue, human body, town and entire society or culture. Do we realize the threats our culture is facing today?

One of my friends told me that the only things that go away when we ignore them are teeth and girlfriends. Taking all humor away, there is value in this statement. Do we want to ignore the pressures our kids are facing? Are they preparing to handle relationships, the threat of divorce, controlling their passions and guiding their own children through the maze and complexity of today’s reality? Or will they be planning on beating the next Mario level at the age of 32?
Let us not allow for the stagnation of our wills. Let us not allow for the surrounding world to dictate how our kids grow up, how they spend their time and what their habits and values are. Then we will see them as happy spouses and parents able to give to others, helping to build a solid and lasting world around us.


Piotr Ulmer established CTS Physical Therapy in 2001. A native of Warsaw, Poland, he received his Master of Rehabilitation degree from that city’s Academy of Sports in 1991. He formerly served as the director of an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Clarksville, TN and as a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist in Knoxville before starting CTS Physical Therapy.

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