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Helping your child make amends

A mistake can be an opportunity

By Kathryn Rea Smith, Ph.D.

All parents dread it: the call from the principal because your child did something hurtful to another child. I got such a call recently. One of my sons, along with two other boys, had called another boy a name in the cafeteria. My son and the two other boys were sent to the principal who talked to them about what had happened. My son knew that the principal would be calling me. Read more →

Gray mice think alike

By Michael K. Smith Ph.D.

One evening, my wife asked me and my oldest son a question about space exploration. Spontaneously, we both replied with exactly with the same answer. Smiling, we looked at each other and repeated a common proverb. My youngest son stared at us and said, “What? Gray Mice Think Alike?” We laughed because the proverb was “Great Minds Think Alike”. My youngest son had misheard us, but his mind changed the phrase to what he thought he heard. As we left him, he was still puzzling over what gray mice think about. Read more →

Transitions require love

By Piotr Ulmer, MSPT

The beginning of a new school year brings new situations, new challenges, goals and new beginnings. The way we approach it usually determines if it becomes a clear success, a “kind of” success, just “handling it somehow”, or it becomes a drag and a frustration. In my life quest of learning how to avoid this drag and frustration and what exactly there is to do in order to succeed, I encountered a book Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson, M.D. Read more →

The sleepy child

Healthy sleep is essential for your child’s health

By Phil Noe, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

School is back in session, and this is the time of year when sleep problems in children most commonly become evident. With the pressure of early morning awakenings, the once happy and content child now appears like two of the seven dwarfs: grumpy and sleepy. While irritability and sleepiness can affect the child’s overall mood and level of happiness, inadequate sleep can have even more serious consequences such as difficulty focusing, poor learning, and an increased risk of accidents. There are two key ingredients to effectively dealing with this issue: establishing a healthy sleep environment and looking for clues that a sleep problem exists. Read more →

Battling the back-to-school butterflies

By Nicole Swain, Psy.D.

Whether summer was jam-packed with activities or filled with complaints about being bored with nothing to do, children often have a tough time making the back-to-school transition.

As with any new or potentially unsettling situation — like starting school for the first time or entering a new grade or new school — allow your children time to adjust. Remind them that everyone feels a little nervous about the first day of school and soon it will all become an everyday routine. Read more →

How to build an indomitable* spirit

*Adj \in-dä-me-te-bel\ unbeatable, unstoppable, invincible
Written by Dan Albas with permission by Barry Van Over

Teaching kids how to be successful in life requires more than just smarts and a good handshake. While having brains and charm never hurts, always bank on those that have a burning desire and Read more →

Memory makers

By John Diddle, D.D.S., M.S., P.C.

I am the proud father of two sons and a daughter, all born within a four year span.  They are all grown and married now, with children of their own.  Between watching them, and observing the children that I see in my orthodontic practice, I’ve had many opportunities to see younger generations develop. Read more →

A message from the Superintendent

Dr. James P. McIntyre Jr., Superintendent

Dr. Mcintyre, Superintendent of Knox County Schools

Knox County Schools Seal





Knox County Schools’ Families,

As our students begin a new academic year, I wanted to take a moment to officially welcome you back to school. Read more →