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The gift of reading

 By Erin Nguyen, Children’s Department, Knox County Public Library


Thank You, Bear
By Greg Foley
Reading level: PreK – 2nd
In this sweet story of friendship, Bear’s gift to Mouse may seem to others to be just an ordinary box, but to Mouse it means so much more. Read more →

The gift of the arts

Liza Zenni, Executive Director of the Arts and Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville


According to the Josephson Institute for Youth Ethics, someone with character knows the difference between right and wrong and always tries to do what is right. A person of good character sets a good example for everyone and makes the world a better place by living according to the “six pillars of character:”  trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.  As parents, instilling the tenants of good character within our children is, perhaps, our most important job, and, while there are a number of ways a parent can tackle that challenge, involving children in the arts is one of the most lasting and enjoyable. Read more →

The gift of fatherhood

By Anthony Ingram



I am the youngest of 5 children. The baby.  Some of my happiest childhood memories are of being “the one” who got to dive under the Christmas tree to dig out and distribute everyone’s presents from the seemingly endless mound of brightly wrapped happiness. Read more →

The gift of good health



In addition to your personal new year’s resolution, consider making a family resolution to be healthy in 2013. Through the simple tips listed below, you and your family will begin creating healthy habits—a gift that truly lasts a lifetime. Read more →

The gift of discipline

By Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.


“Children need models more than they need critics.”

Joseph Joubert, Pensees, 1842


Bruno Bettelheim begins his chapter “About Discipline” from his book A Good Enough Parent with this quote from Joubert. Bettelheim notes that when parents think about “discipline,” they often equate it with punishment—either physical punishment or coercion that demands obedience. Bettelheim suggests that the original definition of this word has been lost: Read more →

The gift of giving

By Kristina Howard, Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union Marketing Specialist

What’s new with Knox County Schools?

KCS Celebrates Successful 2012 Coupon Campaign

Connor Kirk, South-Doyle High

Connor Kirk, South-Doyle High and the top high school seller, draws a winning name for one of dozens of prizes given away to sellers, staff members, and coordinators during the luncheon. Scott Bacon, left, waits for the drawing, while Mary Kerr holds the favorite prize – a brand new iPad given to the lucky student winner.

The Knox County Schools held a celebration and appreciation luncheon on Wednesday, November 7 to announce the to-date sales totals, recognize top-selling schools and students, corporate sponsors and coordinators for a successful 2012 campaign for “The Original Knox County Schools Coupon Books.” Read more →

The gifts that last a lifetime

By Piotr Ulmer, MSPT


When I think of gifts I’ve received during my lifetime, some particular events come to me right away. I remember vividly a few months before Christmas in Poland in the early 80’s, a time of economic shortages; meat, flour, sugar and alcohol were rationed (food stamp system). The only thing available in a neighborhood grocery store was vinegar. There were literally empty store shelves – all shelves, except one, with 10 or 15 bottles of vinegar. Read more →

The gift of creativity…

Don’t do math – just do life

By Mike O’Hern, Center Director of Mathnasium of West Knoxville


Math can be intimidating, but it won’t be, if we realize that it’s just a way of describing what we do in life.

The key to story-problems (some call them word problems) is to make it real to the child.  If he thinks it is a math problem, he’ll be stumped.  If he is simply figuring out what he needs in his own life, he can figure it out.  In other words, make the math about what he is interested in, and you’ll find that math just isn’t that tough! Read more →

The gift of life

By Chief Lee Tramel, Knox County Sheriff’s Office


Every holiday season brings a time to give thanks. It seems every year that I live, I have more and more to give thanks for. So for this month’s article I’m getting a little personal. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the reasons I am thankful. Read more →