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Keep the joints moving: Children with arthritis can excercise

by John Frederick Wolfe, M.D.

Aug2013WolfeExercise is always a hot topic in the media these days, but exercise for children with arthritis is a topic that needs discussion. Children get arthritis, too. Once that diagnosis has been made, it is very important to keep muscles strong and joints mobile. A rheumatologist can make a diagnosis of one of the many different kinds of arthritis that exist in children. These different types of arthritis are addressed on very specific individual bases. Some types of inflammatory arthritis require rest and heat with very, very gentle range of motion exercises. Other types require a good exercise program with stretching and muscle strengthening to get these kids functioning as normally and being as active as possible. Read more →

Retainers…Are you kidding me??!!

by Jeffrey Eberting, D.M.D., M.S.


July2013-EbertingYou have gotten to the end of your orthodontic treatment.  You have tolerated two years of metal brackets cemented to your teeth.  You have endured the week’s discomfort after each appointment that your wires have been “tightened”.  YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ALLOWED TO CHEW GUM THIS WHOLE TIME!!!  You see the light at the end of tunnel and are happy to have these things off.

So what’s this nonsense about retainers?

Some patients and their families view this phase of treatment as the quintessential buzz kill.  “We’re supposed to be done with treatment!  Why do I have to wear retainers?  Are you kidding me??!!”  The idea of having to wear and take care of a piece of plastic for up to two additional years can seem like more treatment than one originally set out to have.  As always, however, there is a rationale behind the madness… Read more →

When emergencies happen

By Ryan Redman, M.D.


Aug2013ETCHAs a parent, you never want to think of your child being injured. However, if your child is involved in an accident, he needs emergency care quickly and in an environment that’s best suited for him.

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department provides highly specialized emergency care for infants, children and teens. Because we treat more children needing emergency care than anyone else in East Tennessee, our doctors and nurses are equipped to treat everything from minor injuries to major medical concerns. We understand we are caring for patients who need a special kind of treatment—not only to make them well, but also to make them feel comfortable and safe. Read more →

Dear Knox County School’s Families

By Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of Knox County Schools

Dear Knox County Schools’ Families,

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! The start of a school year is one of my favorite times, as I regularly visit our schools and meet students.

Results from some of our assessments during the 2012-2013 school year make me even more eager for this year to begin. We are beginning to see the educational dividends associated with the great work happening in our classrooms and at home. Read more →

Great back-to-school tips and strategies

By Tracey Matthews, Knox County Schools Supervisor of Family and Community Engagement
Contributing Writer: Candice Campbell, Knox County Schools Family and Community Engagement, University of Tennessee student intern


It’s that time again: Back to school! Students often have a difficult time getting back into their daily school routines. This is the perfect time to create back-to-school habits and strengthen routines to make your household less stressed. From creating a “Bus Stop” station for school belongings to organizing “homework play dates” to make homework more fun, here are some back-to-school tips to make your school year a success! Read more →

Guiding your child through the college application essay

Article and photo by Liz Stucke, owner of Admissions Prep



The University of Washington

Writing the college application essay can be an overwhelming experience for a student and nerve-wracking experience for a parent. For parents, it is like sitting in the white plastic lawn chairs by the pool as your young child struggles to learn to swim. You sit at the edge of the chair, trying not to tip it over, but ready to dive in to rescue your child at any moment. Read more →