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Learn, Grow, And Thrive At Camp Ocoee

By YMCA Camp Ocoee. Photos By YMCA Camp Ocoee

May-OcoeeSince 1923, the spirit of YMCA Camp Ocoee has been more than just a summer camp experience.  The Christian values learned and the confidence gained by the campers becomes a way of life.  Generations of families now have fond memories of their time at YMCA Camp Ocoee.  Operated by the YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga, YMCA Camp Ocoee’s mission is to provide experiences under a strong Christian emphasis that will strengthen the spirit, mind and body of all its guests. Read more →

Gorillas Expecting Babies

By Knoxville Zoo

Zoo-MayKnoxville Zoo made an exciting announcement with the news that two of the zoo’s critically endangered Western lowland gorillas are expecting babies in the late spring.

Hope and Machi, the expectant mothers, came to Knoxville to be a part of the zoo’s first family group of gorillas which also includes another female, Kowali, and first-time father Bantu.  Hope is expected to give birth in late May, with Machi following soon after in early June. Read more →

What’s Love Got To Do With It

By Kathryn Rea Smith, PH.D.


In psychological research, “parental warmth” is an important concept related to the quality of a parent-child relationship. Studies have shown that the presence of parental warmth is associated with a variety of positive outcomes including improved self-esteem, lower rates of teen pregnancy and underage drinking, lower delinquency rates, better parent-child communication, and greater college adjustment. Parental warmth seems to be a good thing. So what is it? And why should we try to get more of it into our relationships with our children?

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Moving On From An Injury

By Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



was really looking forward to Tuesday evening, December 31. I was turning fifty. My family and I had planned a big birthday party with catered food, drinks, and invitations out to lots of our friends. On Monday morning, however, I awoke with an excruciating pain shooting from my lower back down the right side of my leg. I could not even stand up. What had happened? What was I going to do about my gigantic celebration? Read more →

Fun Ways to Keep Physically Active During Vacation

By Tracey Matthews Wynter, Supervisor of the Knox County Schools Family and Community Engagement Department Contributing Researcher: Valencia Guein

With summer vacation just around the corner for many students and families, let’s figure out some “fun” ways to “Get Active” during vacation. There can be healthy benefits of vacationing, so let’s call them “exercations”! Read more →

Getting The Most Out Of Practice

By Jeff Comas



Summer is almost here and many kids are going to have a lot of extra time on their hands. It is a good time to play more music, and many parents at our music academy double up on lessons during the summer. With more time available for music, I thought it would be a good time to start sharing a series of articles I’m working on. They are about getting the most out of practice time, learning to improve faster, and getting more enjoyment from playing music. Read more →

Who Put Letters In Math

By Mike O’Hern, Center Director of Mathnasium of West Knoxville



I’m not one much for the “beauty” of math, per se.  Sure, I can certainly see where that idea comes from, but my mind is more like an engineer’s than a mathematician’s, so I’m more about the “utility” of math.  Which is why my mind was absolutely blown when I took calculus in college.  I was so excited because I could immediately see what a powerful tool it is for figuring out how things work and such.  You can build an airplane without it, but if you use it, you can optimize that airplane without a bunch of trial and error.  And while trial is fun, error isn’t so great with airplanes. Read more →

Dear Knox County Schools’ Families

By Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of Knox County Schools

This month, our high schools celebrate commencements. Proud parents, grandparents, siblings and friends join principals and teachers—and your superintendent—get to witness graduating seniors cross the stage and move toward bright and promising futures.  Of all of the events I participate in throughout the school year, commencement makes me perhaps the proudest.  Read more →