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Extension Hours For Back-To-School Immunizations

By Knox County Health Department

KCHD-July-WebBeginning  July 27, the Knox County Health Department (KCHD) will offer extended hours to better accommodate parents seeking back-to-school vaccinations for their children. KCHD’s Travel and Immunization Clinic, and West and Teague Clinics will be open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday from July 27 through August 7. Read more →

Understanding Car Recalls: Better Safe Than Sorry

By TIS Insurance Services, Inc and The Hanover



With nearly one in five cars recalled by manufacturers last year, local Knoxville residents would be well advised to pay attention and quickly take action, according to a local insurance authority, TIS Insurance Services, Inc. of Knoxville, and its insurance carrier partner, The Hanover. Read more →

The Breaking Point: A Body Farm Novel

Book By Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson, Reviewed by Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



“So be careful who you trust. Bad guys lie through their teeth. But bugs?” I pointed to the bloated face and the telltale maggots. “You can always believe them. Whatever they tell you, it’s the truth.”

Dr. Bill Brockton, the protagonist of the latest Body Farm novel, The Breaking Point, is conducting a training exercise with members of Evidence Response Team of the FBI. This latest forensic mystery features the writing of Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson. Dr. Bass and Jefferson have penned eight previous novels and three works of non-fiction and all of which highlight the fascinating research on how actual corpses decay under various environmental conditions conducted at Dr. Bass’ Body Farm located behind UT’s Medical Center. Dr. Bass is a well-known forensic anthropologist now retired from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Read more →

Getting Ready for The New School Year: The Do’s and the Don’ts

By Tracey Matthews Wynter, Supervisor of the Knox County Schools Family and Community Engagement Department
Contributing writer: Roseline Pierre, Intern, University of Tennessee

Summer is almost over and it’s time to start getting your child ready to go back to school.  There are many tasks you can hand over to your child to help prepare him or her for the new school year and make your job as a parent easier.  These ideas will help relieve some of your normal parenting duties as well as teach your children responsibility and promote independence.  While these “soft skills” are indirectly tied to academic learning, they are just as important in preparing our youth to be young leaders.  While many of you may gasp at some of the suggestions, please continue reading as we’ve included a parent-friendly way to “ease” into sharing hard-to-let-go responsibilities with your children. Read more →

An Update From Knox County Schools

By Knox County Schools

As the Knox County Schools prepares for another successful school year, at this mid-point in summer, an update on three important items might be helpful to the families of the Knox County Schools. Read more →

Getting The Most Out Of Practice – Chapter Three: Why Read Music? Part I

By Jeff Comas



I believe that learning to read music is an important part of becoming a musician. However, there are those who will point out that many wonderful musicians do not read music. I freely admit this is true, but there are also many great musicians who do read music. Read more →

An Inside Look At Inside Out

By Kathryn Rea Smith, PH.D.


Over the July 4th weekend my family and I saw the new Pixar movie Inside Out. Everyone from my 12-year-old son to my 72-year-old mother thought it was terrific. The movie shows the inner workings of the mind of Riley, an 11-year-old girl who moves with her parents from Minnesota to San Francisco, as she leaves behind friends she has known all her life. Inside Riley’s mind there are five “characters”, each representing a different emotion—Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness. These characters reside in “headquarters” in Riley’s brain and take turns operating a control console in response to events in Riley’s daily life. Read more →

Teaching Tolerance

By Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



Given the recent tragic events in Charleston, we are reminded once again of the importance of understanding and accepting different points of view in our society. Teaching Tolerance is an organization “dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences to our nation’s children.” Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, this organization publishes free educational materials for teachers, students, and parents. Perspectives for a Diverse America is one such effort ( Read more →