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Why Do I Need To Drink Enough Water?

By Juhee Shah, Team Manager and Health and Fitness Coach for Greatness Fitness


Health Benefits of Water:

About 60% of your total weight is made up of water. Two thirds of the total water in the body is inside the cells and the rest of it is outside the cells so that the cells can move around and the other chemicals floating around in the body, such as vitamins, minerals, hormones, electrolytes, etc. can get into the cell. Water is needed for many physiological processes and biochemical reactions, including: Read more →

Why Do I Have to Brush

By Dr. Paul Nations, D.D.S, Cedar Bluff Dental

Untitled-17Children have a way of making adults consider questions that are usually taken for granted. Normal, everyday routines are interrupted with the persistent, “Why Daddy?” or “Why Mommy?” While it is tempting to deflect the conversation to another topic or introduce a well-timed distraction, considering what appears to be obvious and attempting to make things clear is far more constructive. Read more →

Getting The Most of Practice: Part V

By Jeff Comas, Director of Knoxville Academy of Music



Tension and The Physicality of Performing

This article is about performing music, but the concepts can be applied to other activities like sports, dancing, acting, even writing or doing crafts.

In part one of this series I discussed letting the learning of music be easier by studying and music in small segments, which can be learned faster and with greater ease. In this section I’ll discuss more of the physical element of playing music. Read more →

Reading Knoxville: This Shaky Earth

Book by Ramon DeGennaro, Reviewed by Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



“Poetry enables us to know what it ‘feels like’ to be alive in the world,” wrote Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren in Understanding Poetry. “What does it ‘feel like,’ for instance, to be in love, to hate somebody, to be conscience stricken, to watch a sunset or stand by a death-bed, to be willing to die for a cause or live in a passionate devotion to some chosen ideal?” Linda Parsons Marion, in This Shaky Earth, takes the reader on a powerful emotional journey from memories of childhood to reflections of being a grandmother through poems whose feelings pulse from every page. Read more →

A Conversation with Linda Parsons

By Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.


Untitled-13“Being in exile helped me discover myself,” Linda Parsons told me one Saturday morning at Panera Bread. Linda was born in Nashville, but her family moved to Wisconsin for her high school years. Attending high school so far away from where she was raised highlighted what it was “to be Southern” and helped her develop her own streak of independence. She eventually migrated back South to Knoxville where she earned a BA and MA in English from the University of Tennessee. Along this path she discovered she wanted to be a writer. Read more →

Rethinking Food Deserts

Written for Community Hands Inc. by Matthew Shanklin (Knoxville Parent) and Ashley Wolf (The Current Sauce News)

Untitled-11Fresh produce is awesome. Most anyone who’s eaten a salad of fresh red kale with cranberries and sweet vinaigrette knows that you can’t beat a meal made with fresh, quality ingredients.

Unfortunately, more than 2.3 million families may not have the pleasure of eating a delicious kale salad because they live in food deserts, poverty-stricken areas where families do not live within a mile of a grocery store and do not have access to a vehicle. Parents in these areas often resort to taking their kids to any of the multiple fast food restaurants in town or buying their food from corner stores. Read more →

Adopt A Life, Save A Life

By Jeff Ashin, CEO, Young-Williams Animal Center. Photo by: Young-Williams Animal Center



Are you or your child thinking of adding a furry friend to the household? Please consider adopting from Young-Williams Animal Center.

We have hundreds of healthy, happy pet options for your family to take home and love. In 2015 alone, 5,524 animals from our shelter went to forever homes. Read more →