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Practice makes perfect

Use music to exercise your child’s creativity

By Michael Kull

Just minutes before I walked out on stage to sing in public for the first time, I remembered a trick that I had heard to combat stage fright: “Imagine that everyone in the audience is sitting there in their underwear!” It was supposed to help me feel more confident, because I would surely feel better in my clothes than all those people sitting uncomfortably in their seats. The truth is that, at the time, I would have felt more comfortable standing on stage in my underwear than I did at that moment getting ready to sing. Read more →

Let’s Get Creative!

Creativity through the arts?

It’s good for grades, too!

Liza Zenni, Executive Director of the Arts and Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville

Museum of Appalachia – Spinning and quilting demonstration that shows how wool was used to make yarn and quilt batting in the days before ready-made clothing and superstores. Photo courtesy The Arts and Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville

Did you know that children who participate in arts and culture are better educated, score higher on standardized tests, and realize an increase of 400% in their creativity ratings?  As a matter of fact, visual arts students scored an average of 47 points higher in math and 31 points higher on the verbal sections of the SAT.  Students with four years of music coursework scored an average of 49 points higher on the verbal and math portions of the SAT. Read more →