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The importance of immunizations: part 1

By Lori Patterson, M.D., FAAP


When it comes to their children’s immunizations, some parents are choosing to listen to more than their doctor for information. Parents and caregivers are getting medical advice from message boards, blogs and other online sources. As a result, concerns and rumors have spread regarding the safety and purpose of vaccines. Here, Dr. Lori Patterson, pediatric infectious disease specialist, responds to common questions and misconceptions of immunizations. Read more →

The sleepy child

Healthy sleep is essential for your child’s health

By Phil Noe, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

School is back in session, and this is the time of year when sleep problems in children most commonly become evident. With the pressure of early morning awakenings, the once happy and content child now appears like two of the seven dwarfs: grumpy and sleepy. While irritability and sleepiness can affect the child’s overall mood and level of happiness, inadequate sleep can have even more serious consequences such as difficulty focusing, poor learning, and an increased risk of accidents. There are two key ingredients to effectively dealing with this issue: establishing a healthy sleep environment and looking for clues that a sleep problem exists. Read more →

Battling the back-to-school butterflies

By Nicole Swain, Psy.D.

Whether summer was jam-packed with activities or filled with complaints about being bored with nothing to do, children often have a tough time making the back-to-school transition.

As with any new or potentially unsettling situation — like starting school for the first time or entering a new grade or new school — allow your children time to adjust. Remind them that everyone feels a little nervous about the first day of school and soon it will all become an everyday routine. Read more →

Flossing and running

 What they have in common

by Robin Miller, RDH


Robin Miller (far right) climbing the last hill before the finish line of the 2011 Fall 5K (Reindeer Run).Can you floss and run at the same time?  That was an interesting question my boss jokingly inquired as I was leaving the office.  I was on my way to coach an adult runners’ group in Maryville.  The visual of it actually happening had us laughing.  Read more →

Let’s start a movement

by Piotr Ulmer, MSPT

We all understand the need, maybe even the necessity, of moving. Many of us are participating in some form of exercise, either jogging, biking, swimming, stretching, weight lifting or martial arts. We understand the shortage of PE in our kids’ school curriculum and with joyful proclamation that “sports are good for them” we sign them up for soccer, volleyball or Tae Kwon Do. Read more →

Get out, and get moving!

Check out these great opportunities around Knoxville

By Kathleen Gibi, Public Affairs Specialist, City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation

Summer Playground Program

The City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation Division hosts its Summer Playground Program, open to Knoxville residents, at each of its 14 recreation centers located in all sections of Knoxville. This program provides a wide variety of recreational activities, including swimming, canoeing and field trips to the Knoxville Arts and Fine Crafts Center. Participants are provided lunch each day at certain locations. For more information, call (865) 215-1414. Read more →