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A Father’s Guide For Healthy Teens

By Mike O’Hern, Center Director of Mathnasium of West Knoxville


When my kids were young, there seemed to be no shortage of people with older kids who would say, “Just wait until they’re teenagers – you’ll hate them.” I recoiled every time I heard it, and to this day, I simply don’t understand it. My kids were always respectful, did every chore cheerfully, never made bad decisions and were just all-around angels. Well, maybe not. But still, we did survive the teenage years without ever hating each other.

I did have the advantage of having worked with youth for a number of years, though, and while it is often easier to deal with someone else’s kids than your own, there are some things that are virtually universal. Read more →

Help! I’m Suffering from…Adolescence!

by Jeffrey Eberting, D.M.D., M.S.



It’s 7:30 a.m., and I’m braving the morning traffic and the cold weather as I weave my way through West Knoxville. Next to me, in the passenger seat, is a young lady who seems intently focused on something outside her window. Or so I would like to think. In reality, it is probably more that she simply doesn’t want to focus on any interaction with me. The music she has selected for our listening pleasure is something which seems to have been created if Nine Inch Nails and Evanescence had a sonic love child and unleashed it upon the unsuspecting public. I can feel the angst and torment radiating off this person in waves. I attempt to engage in light banter, but the monosyllabic responses accentuated with the occasional grunts leaves me frustrated. The silence is almost worse. Read more →

The Importance Of One-On-One Time

By Darin Berkley

 “Sometimes you listen to that still small voice, and it changes your life forever.”


Untitled-11It’s not even the first of the year, and I’m already looking forward to February. It has nothing to do with the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day or even the end of winter, but the celebration of my 50th “date” with my oldest son, Eli. We began having our monthly dates in January 2010, when he had just turned four, and we have had one each month since. We’ve been talking about our 50th date and looking forward to it since we celebrated our 40th in April of last year. Read more →

They are all the fun years

By Paul Gentry

“I am trying hard to slow down, because time seems to be speeding up. My boys will be in college in just ten short years, growing into men with lives of their own.”


Melody, Paul, John, Luke and Andrew Gentry

Melody, Paul, John, Luke and Andrew Gentry

Eight years would have seemed like a long time, if you had walked up and started a discussion with me on the perception of time a few years ago. It was roughly eight years ago that my wife and I were going through fertility treatments, and, after four years of failed attempts, we found out things were finally paying off with positive results. That was June of 2006, and my wife’s pregnancy paid off…times three! My triplet sons will celebrate their eighth birthday this coming January, but it seems like decades ago since they were born, with little time to reflect on what has occurred since: running to work, home for supper, basketball practice, cub scouts, church, swim team meets, string recitals. The list goes on. Read more →

A special bond

By Paul Metler, Ph.D.



Although it has been nearly four years, I can remember making the trip to Children’s Hospital like it was yesterday. It was a Sunday afternoon in February when I checked my son’s blood sugar with my monitor. As soon as I saw the result, I knew what it meant. Nick’s blood sugar was very high. I recognized the symptoms and understood the reading because of my history as a Type I diabetic. Diagnosed as a child, I have been a diabetic for over forty years. Diabetes care has changed dramatically since I was a child. There were no electronic meters then. But, I still remember hearing the news that I needed to go to the hospital. As a seven year old I understood what it meant to be a diabetic because I watched my older brother take his shot every morning. He was diagnosed at sixteen months. Read more →

Capturing moments

By Chad Branton



Chad Branton and family

Chad Branton, his son Clay and wife Melissa enjoy a quiet moment on the beach.

The time we have with our children flies by so fast. All we really have are the wonderful, fleeting moments that make life magical and teach us what is important. I want remember as many of those moments as I can, so I started a journal – things I don’t want to forget about my boy. Read more →

The gift of fatherhood

By Anthony Ingram



I am the youngest of 5 children. The baby.  Some of my happiest childhood memories are of being “the one” who got to dive under the Christmas tree to dig out and distribute everyone’s presents from the seemingly endless mound of brightly wrapped happiness. Read more →

The blessing of fatherhood

By David Brickhouse



My family is the most important thing in my life, and being able to experience fatherhood is a complete blessing. I have 4 children the oldest is Nicole,18, then Briar, 16, Garrett is 12, and Gracee, 6. However, for me it was not as easy or as simple as I would have imagined. Something that made being a father difficult for me was that I also had an obligation to my country. As a medic in the U.S. Army I served for eleven years and was deployed twice. Read more →

Memory makers

By John Diddle, D.D.S., M.S., P.C.

I am the proud father of two sons and a daughter, all born within a four year span.  They are all grown and married now, with children of their own.  Between watching them, and observing the children that I see in my orthodontic practice, I’ve had many opportunities to see younger generations develop. Read more →

Daddy, why can I not go with you?


By Mike Bailey


The Bailey Family

The Bailey children learned early on that their father would make time for them as they grew up.

You may remember the name Art Linkletter. He had a TV show called Kids Say the Darndest Things.  As a parent, you have many memories of the times your child said something noteworthy. Time is precious and best spent together; it can be snagged just about anywhere.

I am father of three fantastic daughters: Katie 21, McKenzie 18 and Caroline 12. These girls bring many blessings to their mom (Kim) and me, now married for 23 years. Read more →