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‘Tis A Gift To Be Simple

By Sedonna Prater, Director, Curriculum and Instruction for the Knoxville Diocese Catholic Schools


Untitled-9As we enter the holiday season, we enter into a period of expectancy, longing, and preparation. This season is a journey of faith and hope that asks for our patience, as we await the arrival of that which we so dearly long for: The Christ child, the arrival of the lamp oil, the purification of the temple, or just that one morning where family members, once scattered to the four corners can all be together, sharing in the warmth of their love for one another. Read more →

The Gift of Courage

The Gift of Courage

Risking for What

By Kathryn Rea Smith, PH.D.

GiftofCourageDec13The theme of this edition of the Knoxville Parent magazine is “Gifts that last a lifetime.” I asked my younger son to recommend an idea for my article. He suggested “You should write about the gift of courage.” That sounded interesting, so I inquired further. He added “You need to have the courage to try things. If you try for something, you might not get it, and you’ll be disappointed. But if you don’t try, you’ll never have a chance of getting what you want.”

For my son, courage involves challenging himself and risking failure in order to get what he desires. Read more →