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The Breaking Point: A Body Farm Novel

Book By Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson, Reviewed by Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



“So be careful who you trust. Bad guys lie through their teeth. But bugs?” I pointed to the bloated face and the telltale maggots. “You can always believe them. Whatever they tell you, it’s the truth.”

Dr. Bill Brockton, the protagonist of the latest Body Farm novel, The Breaking Point, is conducting a training exercise with members of Evidence Response Team of the FBI. This latest forensic mystery features the writing of Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson. Dr. Bass and Jefferson have penned eight previous novels and three works of non-fiction and all of which highlight the fascinating research on how actual corpses decay under various environmental conditions conducted at Dr. Bass’ Body Farm located behind UT’s Medical Center. Dr. Bass is a well-known forensic anthropologist now retired from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Read more →

Teaching Tolerance

By Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



Given the recent tragic events in Charleston, we are reminded once again of the importance of understanding and accepting different points of view in our society. Teaching Tolerance is an organization “dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences to our nation’s children.” Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, this organization publishes free educational materials for teachers, students, and parents. Perspectives for a Diverse America is one such effort (http://perspectives.tolerance.org/). Read more →

How Educational Are Educational Apps?

By Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



Over 80,000 apps have been classified as educational, according to recent reports, and the number increases dramatically each year. How can parents and teachers decide which apps provide the “best” educational experience for their children or students? A new report from the Association for Psychological Science, “Putting Education in Educational Apps: Lessons From the Science of Learning”, provides guidelines drawn from decades of research into learning on how to choose apps that maximize the educational experience. This report argues that four principles from learning science can provide the criteria on which current apps can be judged. Read more →

Moving On From An Injury

By Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



was really looking forward to Tuesday evening, December 31. I was turning fifty. My family and I had planned a big birthday party with catered food, drinks, and invitations out to lots of our friends. On Monday morning, however, I awoke with an excruciating pain shooting from my lower back down the right side of my leg. I could not even stand up. What had happened? What was I going to do about my gigantic celebration? Read more →

A Fun, Healthful Approach To Summer Vacation

By Kindall Aaron, Coordinator of ETCH’s Childhood Obesity Coalition


Summer vacation from school can lead to some long days at home, and when there’s idle time, your children may turn toward the pantry to snack.

You can help keep your children healthy by providing fresh and nutritious foods to snack on and by encouraging physical activity as much as possible. Read more →

Healthy Eating Is N.E.A.T.!

               By Cheryl Hill, Healthy Weight Program Manager at The Knox County Health Department



N.E.A.T., or Nutrition Education Activity Training, is a program designed to teach and promote healthy eating behaviors among youth in Knox County. N.E.A.T. began as an initiative to combat childhood obesity and now reaches more than 650 children in afterschool sites. During the school year, trained volunteers lead interactive discussions and games centered on healthy eating and physical activity. Children also prepare and eat healthy snacks as part of the lessons. Read more →

A Healthy Heart

What it means to be healthy in spirit

By Sedonna Prater, Director, Curriculum and Instruction for the Knoxville Diocese Catholic Schools



Have you ever heard the familiar phrase ‘healthy in mind, body and spirit’? There is certainly quite a bit of research conducted and presented on the lifestyle practices and factors that contribute to a healthy body in the physical sense. A healthy mind is one typically defined as having the cognitive capacity to function within society without deviant behavior that would impede or prevent successful, productive functioning. But, what does it mean to be healthy in spirit? What are the attributes of a spiritually fit person? How do we cultivate spiritual health in our children? To answer these questions, we have to go straight to the ‘heart’ of the matter.  Read more →

Smiles Improve Your health In More Ways Than You Know

by Jeffrey Eberting, D.M.D., M.S.



I am sure that many of you have seen the advertisement campaign that the American Association of Orthodontists has been running on television over the past few years.  “My Life, My Smile, My Orthodontist” is a consumer awareness program which aims to educate the public about the benefits of orthodontic treatment.  So why all the hubbub?  Why is it so important for us to have perfect smiles?  Dentistry aims to promote and preserve healthy teeth and gums – we get this.  Toothaches are no fun.  Premature tooth loss due to gum disease is no spring stroll through the park.  But straight teeth – what’s the big deal?  Is a perfect smile THAT important? Read more →