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Reading For Fun

By Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



Do your children read for fun? A recent survey called Kids and Family Reading Report, issued by Scholastic and YouGov, outlines how often children read for fun, what books draw their interest, and how frequent readers differ from infrequent readers. A nationwide representative sample of parents, along with children ages 6 to 17, were asked many questions about reading activities. The results of this report can help parents understand how to promote reading books for fun with their children. Read more →

The Creative Role Of Reading Fiction

By Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



When I was a senior at West, my English teacher, Mrs. Hooper, had us read and study a book by Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren entitled Understanding Fiction. This text presented examples of well-known short stories with detailed critical commentaries. Brooks and Warren wanted a student to develop a deeper comprehension of fiction, so that the process of reading would change the student. Otherwise, there was little merit in offering an English course: “…if the views remain substantially unchanged, if the interests which [the student] brings to fiction in the first place are not broadened and refined, the course has scarcely fulfilled its purpose: the student has merely grown more glib and complacent in his limitations.” Current social science research extends Brooks and Warren’s vision: Reading fiction can actually increase empathy and help develop social skills. Read more →

Dear Knox County Schools’ Families

By Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of Knox County Schools

The Knox County Schools continues to prepare for a successful 2014-15 school year, and we are excited by the direction we are establishing through our proposed five-year strategic plan, entitled Deepening Our Work:  Excellence for Every Child. Read more →

Learn Something New: New Nonfiction Titles

 By Erin Nguyen, Children’s Department, Knox County Public Library






Music Everywhere! 

by Maya Ajmera, Elise Hofer Derstine, and Cynthia Pon


Children all over the world make music, and this book shows the wide variety of instruments and styles they play through bright, colorful photographs and simple text.



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Dear Knox County Schools’ Families

By Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of Knox County Schools

I hope everyone has a great summer break!

For many, the summer months mean plenty of time to relax, but these weeks may also offer learning time.  What better time to learn something new than during the relaxing months of summer?  Students can learn new things as they explore the great outdoors, try new activities or hobbies, play sports and by taking time to read. Read more →

Ten Terrific Books About Getting Active

 By Erin Nguyen, Children’s Department, Knox County Public Library





Max and Zoe at Soccer Practice

 by Shelley Swanson Sateren


                            In this beginning reader Max learns that practice is important to improve his soccer skills, but he’s tempted to cheat when he sees what a good player Zoe is.


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Ten Terrific Books To Help Your Child Choose Books

 By Erin Nguyen, Children’s Department, Knox County Public Library






How to Get Your Child to Love Reading

by Esme Raji Codell

Teacher, librarian, and reading expert Codell assists parents of babies through middle schoolers in developing their children into lifelong readers through lists of recommended titles focused on a variety of child-friendly topics as well as ideas and activities to extend the reading experience.


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Deciding To Read More

By Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.



“Reading can open doors…and these open doors can lead to worlds of infinite interest”


How much do adult Americans engage in voluntary reading? A 2012 survey by the National Endowment of the Arts found that 55% of adults had read at least one book of any type in the past year (books not required by work or school). Of this group, 47% had read at least one novel, play, or collection of short stories or poems. These results prompted two questions: Why should we read at all? Should we decide to read more?

The power of reading is shown in an amusing short novel, The Uncommon Reader, by the acclaimed British novelist and playwright Alan Bennett. The protagonist of the novel is the Queen. One day, while walking her dogs at Windsor Court, the Queen stumbles upon a traveling library in her courtyard. She enters and the librarian asks her humbly what book she would like to borrow. She hesitates. “She had never taken much interest in reading. She read, of course, as one did, but liking books was something she left to other people. It was a hobby, and it was in the nature of her job that she didn’t have hobbies.” Nonetheless, she takes a novel and returns to the palace to read it. Read more →

Ten Terrific Books For The Holidays

 By Erin Nguyen, Children’s Department, Knox County Public Library




Twas-the-night-before-christmasThe Night before Christmas

by Clement Clarke Moore

This classic poem about a visit from St. Nick has delighted readers for well over a century. Read more →

Ten Terrific Books: Giving Thanks

 By Erin Nguyen, Children’s Department, Knox County Public Library




Untitled-17Thanksgiving Day Thanks

by Laura Malone Elliott

When his teacher asks the class what things about Thanksgiving they are thankful for, Sam begins to worry when he can’t think of anything, but his friends help him find the answer.

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