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Rheumatic Fever: A Case Of Mistaken Identity

by Marcin Gornsiewicz, M.D.


7 year old becomes ill with fever and complains of joint pain in a knee. After a day or so, the knee gets better, but now the pain is in the ankle. The next day, the ankle is better, but now the elbow hurts. A pink rash appears on the legs. Several hours later it is gone, but returns the following morning. The fever persists. Her parent notices that the child is short of breath, and makes an appointment with the doctor. What could be wrong? After an examination and laboratory testing, the diagnosis becomes clear. This child has acute rheumatic fever (ARF), an inflammatory disease occurring after an untreated strep throat 3 weeks earlier.  Read more →

Does Your Child Have Trouble Sleeping

by Ehab Mansoor, M.D
Photo by Wade Payne



The story has been read, the last glass of water has been given and your child has finally been tucked into bed. As you leave the room you hope, for your child’s sake and yours, he’ll sleep well through the night. Unfortunately, for many children, this doesn’t normally happen. According to the National Sleep Foundation approximately 70 percent of children age 9 and younger have some type of sleep problem. Read more →

It’s Still Time For Vacation And … Braces

by Jeffrey Eberting, D.M.D., M.S.


Untitled-10The lazy days of summer are beginning to wind down, and we parents are confronted with getting our children ready for the upcoming school year. This is the time where we seem to cram a last-minute vacation into our schedule while trying to purchase new wardrobes and school supplies for our children. As a parent, I have discovered that the summer break does not seem to be as relaxing a time as it used to be. There are camps to attend, vacations to plan – which, if you are like me, you will need a vacation FROM the vacation – and this year for me, high school sports practices. With all of this near-constant activity and planning, is there anything else we as parents need to do to ease the transition into the school year?

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Heliotrope Rash: What Is It, And Why Call It That?

by Marcin Gornsiewicz, M.D.


Heliotrope is a plant that produces clusters of sweet scented flowers in summer and has a very brilliant violet or purple color. It is considered poisonous, as it contains alkaloids, potent liver toxins, and will cause gastric distress in humans and animals if ingested. There are reported cases of death among horses, cattle and dogs. There have been no human losses to date, as this would be an unusual part of our diet.  Read more →

Popcorn Joints

by Marcin Gornsiewicz, M.D.


Entwine your fingers together and then bend them back. Do you hear the popping sound? Chances are you do. We have all done and heard it before, and some kids do it all the time just for fun or to make their parents crazy. Knuckle cracking is a common habit. Where is the noise coming from? To understand it, you need to know a bit about joint anatomy. Read more →

What You Need To Know About Asthma

by Connie Meredith, CRT-NPS, and Bob Ypost, RRT-NPS



Asthma affects people of all ages. While it often starts during childhood, it can occur later in life from exposure to irritants. Asthma is a long-term lung problem. It causes lungs to react in an extreme way when irritated. Irritants of the lung are called triggers. A trigger can cause the muscles of the lungs to tighten, swell and create excess mucus. As a result, breathing becomes difficult, resulting in a shortness of breath and coughing. Read more →

Understanding Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate

by Audrey Madigan


Each year approximately 4,200 babies in the United States are born with cleft lip or cleft palate.  Oral clefts are the fourth most common birth defect in the U.S. and are more common in children of Latino, Asian or Native American origins. Clefts develop very early in a woman’s pregnancy and result when there is not enough tissue in a baby’s mouth and lip area to join properly.  Ultrasound can often detect a cleft in an unborn baby. This allows the family to meet with a member of the cleft palate team before birth, receive educational materials, and begin a treatment plan. Read more →

A Healthy Family Requires Active Participation

               By Barry Van Over, President of Premier Martial Arts International



We all that know American families, as a whole, are becoming increasingly unfit at an increasing rate. Each year, the rates for obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes increase in both adults and children. And, looking at the 5 to 10 year forecasts, obesity is projected to become a serious epidemic. Read more →

Healthy Eating Is N.E.A.T.!

               By Cheryl Hill, Healthy Weight Program Manager at The Knox County Health Department



N.E.A.T., or Nutrition Education Activity Training, is a program designed to teach and promote healthy eating behaviors among youth in Knox County. N.E.A.T. began as an initiative to combat childhood obesity and now reaches more than 650 children in afterschool sites. During the school year, trained volunteers lead interactive discussions and games centered on healthy eating and physical activity. Children also prepare and eat healthy snacks as part of the lessons. Read more →

Get Outside, Get Fit, Get Active…

by Detective Aaron Yarnell, Knox County Sheriff’s Office


Spring has sprung, and the flowers are blooming! So, what does that mean?  It is time to get outdoors!  With beautiful weather approaching and the urge to get out into it, now is the time to put down your cell phones, iPads and laptops and enjoy the outdoors.  But, what if technology could help us with our healthy lifestyle and getting outdoors?  Let’s take a look at some great apps for your phones and even wearable technology to help with motivation to get outside and moving.   Read more →