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An Update From Knox County Schools

By Knox County Schools

As the Knox County Schools prepares for another successful school year, at this mid-point in summer, an update on three important items might be helpful to the families of the Knox County Schools. Read more →

Code-Writers Of TN: Developing A Smarter Tomorrow

by Knox County Schools, Great Schools Partnership, and United Way of Greater Knoxville


Hearing high school “code writers” talk shop is an experience with a virtual language, and now, using terms like JQuery, JSon, SSH, GitHub, SQL and others, these digital natives have the opportunity to solve real-world problems that can affect energy use, save lives, impact communities, and connect family members. Read more →

A (Digital) Promise To Keep


by Knox County Schools

Untitled-16Technology is continually evolving.  To imagine and capture innovation that can come from the use of technology, school systems must actively collaborate, continually learn and seek out and embrace new opportunities.  In short, they must be willing to “get active” in the pursuit of innovation.

As demonstrated by a recent designation, the Knox County Schools is, indeed, actively pursuing possibilities through technology to best support its students.

This spring, Digital Promise, a national, independent nonprofit organization authorized by Congress to accelerate innovation in education, named the Knox County Schools as one of nine new members accepted into the League of Innovative Schools.  The League of Innovative Schools is a national coalition of school districts and educational agencies that is both a professional learning network and an incubator for innovative educational practices. The League brings together educators, researchers and entrepreneurs to demonstrate, evaluate and replicate promising ideas, with the goal of improving student achievement. Read more →