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Addressing One’s Values in Orthodontics

by Jeffrey Eberting, D.M.D., M.S.



An orthodontist not only has the task of producing beautiful smiles, but occasionally he or she has to act as a counselor for parents who are concerned about their child’s teeth. It has not been uncommon to have a parent say to me, “Oh, I need to bring my child to you for you to look at him/her. The teeth are really a mess.” Such a statement braces me for the worst (no pun intended), but more often than not, when I clinically examine the patient, the malocclusion (a condition whereby a person’s teeth do not line up properly when coming together) is nowhere near as bad as originally presented. When I have told the parents this, I witness this collective sigh of relief – especially if I tell them no teeth need to be extracted or jaw surgery is not required. Read more →