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Helping build your child’s confidence

A little forethought goes a long way

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Building our children’s sense of self-confidence is one of the most important duties we have as parents. It is with us as we whisk them to ballet practice, make their lunch or rush them off to school. Parents are ideally positioned to positively build or raise their child’s level of self-confidence and self worth. The great part that it doesn’t take any extra time, just a bit of forethought and follow through. Here are the three rock solid suggestions to boosting your child’s confidence: Read more →

How to build an indomitable* spirit

*Adj \in-dä-me-te-bel\ unbeatable, unstoppable, invincible
Written by Dan Albas with permission by Barry Van Over

Teaching kids how to be successful in life requires more than just smarts and a good handshake. While having brains and charm never hurts, always bank on those that have a burning desire and Read more →