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A Father’s Guide For Healthy Teens

By Mike O’Hern, Center Director of Mathnasium of West Knoxville


When my kids were young, there seemed to be no shortage of people with older kids who would say, “Just wait until they’re teenagers – you’ll hate them.” I recoiled every time I heard it, and to this day, I simply don’t understand it. My kids were always respectful, did every chore cheerfully, never made bad decisions and were just all-around angels. Well, maybe not. But still, we did survive the teenage years without ever hating each other.

I did have the advantage of having worked with youth for a number of years, though, and while it is often easier to deal with someone else’s kids than your own, there are some things that are virtually universal. Read more →

College Planning Timeline

Article and photo by Liz Stucke, owner of Admissions Prep



“Junior year marks the official start of the college search and application process.”

A friend of mine with older children warned me, “As soon as your daughter starts high school, it’s over…. She’ll be off to college in the blink of an eye.”  While I resist the societal nudge toward prepping children for college from the start of preschool, it is true that much of high school is spent with an eye towards college admissions.   Here is a year-by-year guide to help your child nudge towards college: Read more →

Ten Terrific Books To Help Your Child Choose Books

 By Erin Nguyen, Children’s Department, Knox County Public Library






How to Get Your Child to Love Reading

by Esme Raji Codell

Teacher, librarian, and reading expert Codell assists parents of babies through middle schoolers in developing their children into lifelong readers through lists of recommended titles focused on a variety of child-friendly topics as well as ideas and activities to extend the reading experience.


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Does Your Child Make A “Happy Plate?”

by Dawn Dextraze, M.A.. Photo courtesy of GSMI at Tremont.



Every choice we make creates a difference to someone somewhere. Even the small things add up over the course of a lifetime. Let’s consider one of these small things: food waste. Individual choices about food can have a big impact on energy conservation.

Food does not stand alone on our plates. It has a history behind it. It links us to other people, other places, and to the energy cycle itself. Everything we put on our plate has a story. Read more →

Short-Term Headache. Long-Term Benefit.

by Jeffrey Eberting, D.M.D., M.S.



Life-altering decisions can occur at any point in one’s life – during childhood, during adolescence, or during adulthood. We have to make decisions about what is right and what is wrong. We decide about whom we choose to associate or befriend. We choose what career we might wish to pursue or what college we might wish to attend. As we get older, we decide who might wish to choose for a spouse and whether or not to have children.

Sometimes, these decisions are with the idea that a positive outcome will result. Many times, the positive outcome might not seem evident. When a decision is being made which has a profound effect on one’s life (or many lives), the road to achieving that ultimate positive outcome may be fraught with speed bumps or potholes. These challenges serve to strengthen us, and most of the time, we learn that they justify the decision we made. Read more →

The Power of Decisions

Article and photo by Liz Stucke, owner of Admissions Prep



“A student and his family must be confident in both his college choice and in the family’s ability to pay the net tuition after financial aid.” 

January begins decision month at Admissions Prep. Many seniors have received outstanding offers from colleges across the nation. Some have received offers from several colleges, while others have received a single offer to top ranked schools under Early Decision. Which of these students are happier, those with a multitude of choices or those with a single choice? Read more →

Decision-making: For now and for life

By Piotr Ulmer, MSPT


In the past, I thought decision-making was all about intelligence, wisdom and experience. I had paid thorough attention to making “smart” decisions. I constantly strived to figure out and analyze all the involved components of my reality before any “big” decisions were made. I thought I couldn’t afford any wrong decisions.

Despite this, I’ve made mistakes.  I noticed early on, though, that making mistakes is a great way to learn how to make my future decisions better. For example, I was about 20 or 21 years old, when I took a train from Siedlce to Warsaw (about 100 km) to submit my college application. Read more →