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Help! I’m Suffering from…Adolescence!

by Jeffrey Eberting, D.M.D., M.S.



It’s 7:30 a.m., and I’m braving the morning traffic and the cold weather as I weave my way through West Knoxville. Next to me, in the passenger seat, is a young lady who seems intently focused on something outside her window. Or so I would like to think. In reality, it is probably more that she simply doesn’t want to focus on any interaction with me. The music she has selected for our listening pleasure is something which seems to have been created if Nine Inch Nails and Evanescence had a sonic love child and unleashed it upon the unsuspecting public. I can feel the angst and torment radiating off this person in waves. I attempt to engage in light banter, but the monosyllabic responses accentuated with the occasional grunts leaves me frustrated. The silence is almost worse. Read more →

The Importance Of One-On-One Time

By Darin Berkley

 “Sometimes you listen to that still small voice, and it changes your life forever.”


Untitled-11It’s not even the first of the year, and I’m already looking forward to February. It has nothing to do with the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day or even the end of winter, but the celebration of my 50th “date” with my oldest son, Eli. We began having our monthly dates in January 2010, when he had just turned four, and we have had one each month since. We’ve been talking about our 50th date and looking forward to it since we celebrated our 40th in April of last year. Read more →