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Retainers…Are you kidding me??!!

by Jeffrey Eberting, D.M.D., M.S.


July2013-EbertingYou have gotten to the end of your orthodontic treatment.  You have tolerated two years of metal brackets cemented to your teeth.  You have endured the week’s discomfort after each appointment that your wires have been “tightened”.  YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ALLOWED TO CHEW GUM THIS WHOLE TIME!!!  You see the light at the end of tunnel and are happy to have these things off.

So what’s this nonsense about retainers?

Some patients and their families view this phase of treatment as the quintessential buzz kill.  “We’re supposed to be done with treatment!  Why do I have to wear retainers?  Are you kidding me??!!”  The idea of having to wear and take care of a piece of plastic for up to two additional years can seem like more treatment than one originally set out to have.  As always, however, there is a rationale behind the madness… Read more →