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The Sweet Truth

Extinguish obesity with WATER

Article and photo by Liz Stucke, owner of Admissions Prep & Board President of the TN Clean Water Network 


Which beverage has more calories and more grams of sugar?  A 12 ounce cola or 12 ounces of a leading brand’s 100% White Grape Juice targeted for babies and toddlers?   I was shocked to find out that 12 ounces of the White Grape juice has 240 calories and 80 grams of sugar compared to the cola’s 150 calories and 41 grams of sugar.  While most people know feeding soda to their young child is not healthy, who knew that a juice marketed for babies and toddlers is more sugary (still unhealthy, even though the sugars are naturally formed fruit sugars) and caloric than a can of soda?  Read more →

Summer activities to boost college applications

Article and photo by Liz Stucke, owner of LS Admissions Prep


Recently, I have been listening to podcasts from the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series.  It is inspiring to hear how people think up new ideas and implement plans to create new products and services.  These successful leaders start with an idea, try it out, fail sometimes, but always try again.  A common theme with these leaders is their drive to accomplish their goals and make life better for people. Read more →