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Family and School New Year’s Resolutions:

Follow the ABCs of Preparing for an “After High School” Future

By Tracey Matthews, Knox County Schools Supervisor of Family and Community Engagement

It’s that time again! The New Year is when we traditionally make new resolutions that we hope to follow at least during the year in which we make them. The following “resolutions” are more like commitments we hope our readers will embrace and practice until they bear fruit. This month we hope to offer some suggested decisions for parents/guardians, students, and schools that will not only impact this year but the future success of our students as well.

“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.”

– Ken Levine

ABC’s of Early Preparation for an “After High School” Future

Decisions for Parents/Guardians:

A: Always demonstrate and model an exceptional work ethic in all you say and do.

B: Begin making trips to colleges as a special part of every vacation at a very early age.

C: Children need experiences to ensure that they have access and opportunity to explore a variety of their interests and passions. Provide those opportunities to encourage your children.

Decisions for Students:

D: Discipline yourself to research your areas and fields of personal interest, and even interview individuals to learn more about their field.

E: Explore opportunities to volunteer in areas in which you are interested.

F: Find out which classes are essential in ensuring you are best prepared for colleges and/or careers of  interest.

Decisions for Schools:

G: Give surveys to students to determine their fields of interest, and host a “College and Career Day” based primarily on expressed interests.

H: Highlight untraditional careers to incite and provoke student interests in high demand and intriguing careers.

I: Individually praise and recognize students who go above and beyond traditional college and career exploration expectations.


Try to complete the ABCs of Preparing for the Future! Good luck and Happy New Year!

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

– Tony Robbins

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