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Well Being

Teens And Physical Activity 

By Barry Van Over, President of Premier Martial Arts International

During the teen years, kids face many social and academic pressures in addition to dealing with emotional and physical changes. Studies show that teens, on average, spend more than 6 hours a day watching TV, listening to music, searching online and playing video games. It’s not surprising that teens can’t seem to find the time to exercise, and many parents can’t motivate them to be active.Teens like to be in control, so parents might try to give teens choices over how they decide to be physically active. Teens are defining themselves as individuals and want the power to make their own decisions, so they’re reluctant to do yet another thing they’re told to do. Emphasize that it’s not what they do; they just need to be regularly physically active.Once they get started, many teens enjoy the feeling of well-being, reduced stress, and increased strength and energy they get from exercise. They might even gravitate to exercise without nudging from a parent.To keep teens motivated, the activities have to be fun. Support your teen’s choices by providing equipment, transportation and companionship. Peers can play an influential role in teens’ lives, so create opportunities for them to be active with their friends.Help your teen stay active by finding an exercise regimen that fits with his or her schedule. Your teen may not have time to play a team sport at school or in a local league, but many gyms offer teen memberships, and kids may be able to squeeze in a visit before or after school. Your teen might also feel more comfortable participating in individual sports like martial arts. To learn more about our teen marital arts classes, give us a call to schedule a tour of a facility and introductory lesson. It could be just the environment for your teen get the right amount of exercise, stress release and sense of self.

Barry Van Over is the owner and president of Premier Martial Arts International, of which there are currently over 80 location nationwide. Mr. Van Over has two locations in the WestKnoxville area and been empowering families lives through the martial arts in the Knoxville community for over 20 years. Mr. Van Over and his local studios can be reached at

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