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Lifelong Memories In The Making 

By Allison Hodges, Director of Camp  Webb


Summer camp activities give kids the opportunity to play, develop skills and make friends.

Check out any summer camp website, and you’ll see numerous bright, smiling faces enjoying an array of fun, summertime activities – clear evidence of the great times kids can have at summer camp. What might not be so obvious, and perhaps more important, are the valuable life skills the summer camp experiences provide for all campers – skills that can benefit them for life!

Summer camp is all about making connections – making connections with new friends, awesome counselors, nature and with our own growth and abilities. Through camp activities, children and adult mentors work together, play together, solve problems together and interact. These are the things children just can’t learn from a video game or chatting via social media. Along the way, valuable skills are learned and practiced, including becoming a responsible member of a group and community; personal and group decision-making; the art of compromise and achieving a common goal; developing confidence and resilience; breaking out of one’s comfort zone to try something new; creativity; leadership; and many more.

“Along the way, valuable skills are learned and practiced, including becoming a responsible member of a group and community.”

Summer camp can provide an optimal environment where children feel safe, form positive relationships with other kids and adults, and are continually learning. Each day provides a new adventure, a new journey, new fun and new growth for campers.

This summer, consider enrolling your son or daughter in summer camp. You’ll be providing your child with lifelong memories and quite possibly, a life-shaping experience.

Allison Hodges lives here in Knoxville and has been the Director of Camp Webb at Webb School of Knoxville for 12 years.  She grew up attending camp and has been in the industry professionally since 1997.  She is passionate about what camps can do for children of all ages and encourages everyone to spend some time at a summer camp.

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