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Which Way Out Knoxville … Could You Escape? 

By Which Way Out Knoxville

Untitled-6Imagine being in a room with several others and only 60 minutes to figure “Which Way Out”! You’re told the solution is in the room, but you must solve puzzles, find hidden clues, decipher codes, and understand riddles, all while the clock is ticking, until you get the final answer that leads to the way out.

At first, everyone feels confused, checking out their surroundings, looking under everything, reading clues, opening unlocked items and then at one moment it’s right before you, a clue. The excitement is amazing, you work hard at solving it and then it happens, you open a lock!

Others in the room start to experience the same excitement of accomplishment as drawers open, answers unfold, and puzzles are solved. But then you realize, this is just the beginning and 10 minutes has already passed. Your heart starts pounding, you’re aware there is so much more to do and so little time to do it. Hopefully your group understands how important it is to work as a team, split up, attack different problems and then maybe, just maybe as a team you will beat the clock.

At Which Way Out Knoxville, we provide an opportunity for groups to share a unique live escape game experience that requires the use of problem solving skills, critical thinking and persistence all while playing a challenging yet exciting game!

Play is our earliest form of learning. From peekaboo to organized sports, children take in the world around them and process it through play. This continues through out all stages of life as we enjoy playing games, beneficial life skills are also being developed.

Benefits of Play

Increased Creativity

Incorporating play into the learning situations produces valuable results. Taking risks, sharing out-of-the-box ideas, and embracing fresh perspectives come naturally during play and are also characteristics essential to successful school and work careers.

Problem Solving, Critical Thinking & Persistence

Many games – especially puzzles – are designed to be a challenge. They encourage a try-try-again attitude that can carry over into other activities. There can be multiple ways to solve problems. Analytical and critical thinking skills developed during game play can be particularly useful when applied to science and technology problems.

Teamwork and Social Skills

Play is incredibly social! We learn to work together and to compete with each other in a friendly way. Kids with advanced communication and teamwork skills tend to do better in school and later in the workplace.

Beyond Board Games to Live Game Experiences

Opportunities for learning abound in everyday games. Entire companies have been built to make learning fun. This new trend of live escape games has taken the online game world offline. In escape games, a group of people are escorted into a room and directed to use only the elements in the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape within a set time limit. Exploration of your surroundings and keen observation skills are needed to solve the challenges, beat the clock and find the way out!

Exploration of your surroundings and keen observation skills are needed to solve the challenges, beat the clock and find the way out!

Which Way Out Knoxville is a local company currently offering two live escape games; The Casino Heist and The Professor’s Challenge, designed for middle school aged children through adults and is especially designed for families to play together. This is not a maze, an obstacle course or a physical challenge. The game challenges your communication skills, creative thinking and the desire to have fun. Success is much higher when people communicate, share information and trust others to conquer the puzzle! It is not often that children have an opportunity to solve a problem that helps the parent and this game actually encourages it!

Which Way Out Knoxville is located at 6906 Kingston Pike, Suite 101, a block west of PF Chang’s. Games are open to the public Tuesday – Sunday weekly.  Check online for available times and more details. www.WhichWayOutKnoxville.comFor more information about group reservations contact Karen Ray by email:

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