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Learn Something New: New Nonfiction Titles 

Music Everywhere! 

by Maya Ajmera, Elise Hofer Derstine, and Cynthia Pon


Children all over the world make music, and this book shows the wide variety of instruments and styles they play through bright, colorful photographs and simple text.



Time to Sign: Sign Language for Kids 

by Kathryn Clay


This kid-friendly guide to American Sign Language introduces sign language with clear text and cartoon illustrations.





jpeg-1What Was America’s Deadliest War? and Other Questions about the Civil War 

by Martin W. Sandler


This entry in the “Good Question!” series takes an informative look at the history of the Civil War written in question and answer format world.






Gladiators: Fighting to the Death

by Alix Wood


Part of the “Why’d They Do That?: Strange Customs of the Past” series, this title explores the brutal life of ancient gladiators.



11690614726_7aaa882954The Beatles 

by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom


This brief introduction to the legendary music group begins with the early lives of the members, follows their meteoric rise to superstardom, and touches on their lives following the breakup of the band.






The White House for Kids: A History of a Home, Office, and National Symbol 

by Katherine L. House


Readers will learn all about the White House in this book filled with information, stories, and photographs that also includes 21 ideas for hands-on activities for further learning.





3-D Art Lab for Kids: 32 Hands-On Adventures in Sculpture and Mixed Media 

by Susan Schwake


This hands-on guide to art focuses on working with paper, clay, textiles, sculpture, and jewelry through specific projects accompanied by interviews with professional artists in each area.






Chasing the Storm: Tornadoes, Meteorology, and Weather Watching

by Ron Miller


Budding scientists and weather enthusiasts will be fascinated by this look at extreme weather and the meteorologists who study it.





1 Year, 100 Pounds: My Journey to a Better, Happier Life 

by Whitney Holcombe


Blogger and author Holcombe details her inspiring, personal journey to boost her self-esteem and take charge of her health at the age of 15, while also providing practical tips for readers about proper nutrition and exercise.





The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian 

by Rachel Meltzer Warren


Author Warren provides an insightful look into the reasons for being a vegetarian as well as practical, healthy tips for those considering making the change to a vegetarian diet.


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